May 5, 2016

What I miss from Australia...

Lately I've been thinking about Australia. A lot. Looking old pictures on my phone, reading my own old blogposts and watching my aussie mates snapchat my stories and them enjoying the aussie lifestyle that I lived couple months ago. So I have come up with my top 3-things of what I miss the most in Australia. 

1 First of all, gosh I miss my aussie hostfamily... Those little kids, Thomas and Ava, and of course my best host parents. I miss our laughs! AND THE FOOD. Crazy times with a crazy family, but I enjoyed. I enjoyed very much. I also miss my Bondi floorball team, my other au pair friends, all the people that I met during my almost 7 month stay, I miss you all!

2 Busy city life. Honestly, I love Sydney and Sydney is the best city I have ever ever visited. I'm a city girl no doubt. All the skyscrapers, big buildings, all the huge 7 storey high shopping malls, everyone rushing from A to B, bus delays because of the 4-o'clock traffic and so on. The best thing about Sydney is that the beach and the city is so close to each other, so sometimes if you feel like the city is too much, just hop in a car or take a bus to the beach! Awesome!

3 The views. Well, let the pictures tell the rest...
IMG_2464 GOPR0509 IMG_2640
I wish traveling wasn't so expensive and I could just buy flight tickets and go back.....

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  1. "If traveling was free.. BYE"

    Wow! Your trip to Down Under has really inspired me to go there one day. I'm also going to be an au pair after high school but I don't know where yet but maybe Australia. Don't know yet but let's see! Gosh, these pictures are so gorgeous!